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SWJ Lucky Star BTS episodes - Taemin

In the MV, there was a scene of Taemin setting up the table.

Line up the cups, line up the plates… just setting up the table like that. Surprisingly, it was actually difficult to pretend to do it continuously for a long period time. So Taemin thought extremely hard if there were other actions he could do.

Because Taemin was so troubled, the staff came up with something: to wipe the plates with a kitchen towel! As the shoot went on, we kept trying to pass the idea to Taemin by body language, but Taemin just couldn’t get it… (laughs)

After gesturing it to Taemin for a few times, he finally went “Oh! I get it! It’s this, right?” and did this pose for us:

(picture of Taemin making a heart shape on his chest)

A heart?! (laughs)

All the staff burst out laughing at this action which no one could have possibly think of! After realising the miscommunication, Taemin was totally embarrassed and laughed along. ^^

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Image Credits: minoutshine 

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'You have no background or money, but you have your mother”. 

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"Since I’m pregnant, being hungry makes me feel nauseous and unable to sleep."

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Megan Lee releases OST track “Ready for Love” for drama “Fated to Love You”



Featuring in the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Fated to Love You”, Megan Lee officially released her OST track on music sites today! 

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been feeling kind of paranoid lately









Take that time by yourself to get to know yourself and rediscover what makes you shine. Don’t surrender yourself to waiting, and don’t stay isolated for too long, because there’s a beautiful you the world is dying to meet. 

comics that end sadly but wind up being replied to with love are what I live for

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Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 17

J:We are weak against food.
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